Book Sale!

Kindle edition of my new book, THE SLOW FIX, is now on sale at Amazon USA for 99 cents.

Old School Rules

Taking notes on a laptop is more efficient, right? Wrong. Using pen and paper leads to better learning

Phone-free driving

Check out Werner Herzog’s film on the perils + folly of texting while driving. Powerful, poignant + oddly beautiful.

Do less, live more

Busy all the time? Maybe you’re just racing through life insteading of living it.

The Case for slow Programming….

Even the fast-paced world of computer coding could benefit from a little slowness.

Less is more

Private-schools chief warns children are overloaded with structured extracurricular activities. Says let them “just go out and mooch about in the garden.”


Work less, achieve more

Why working long hours is bad for you – and the bottom line.

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