Reach out and touch someone

New word of the week: Pphubbing means “partner phone snubbing.” And guess what: it’s a bit of a romance killer.

Stop googling, start talking

Why we need to reclaim conversation (and solitude) in the digital age.

The caviar of slow

Would you watch a live stream of cod roe maturing inside a storage unit in Norway? Slow TV meets caviar.

Less is more. Even at work.

Eye-opening piece from Sweden on the virtues (and challenges) of cutting working hours.

The Sloth Club

“Slow, Small, Simple: the authentic essence of Japanese culture.” Interview with a leading Slow thinker.

Take a hike – slowly!

A ”Slow Hiking” campaign to persuade high-octane South Koreans to walk (rather than race) up mountain trails

Slow Journalism

Why journalists need to put on the brakes in a world of instant information.

Busier isn’t always better

The backlash against chronic busyness is coming.

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