Slow Journalism

Why journalists need to put on the brakes in a world of instant information.

Busier isn’t always better

The backlash against chronic busyness is coming.

Take a break

How to ask for breaks at work without losing face (or your job).

Is the clock ticking?

What do you think about deadlines? Read my take in today’s New York Times…

Behind the scenes

Check out the Making Of video for my upcoming TV show on ABC 1 in Australia. (Password: 360admin)

These Shoes were made for….

Artist invents a novel way to make people slow down: excessively long shoes.

Leave them kids alone!

Children today need what children have always needed: to play freely without adults getting in the way.

Distraction – Good or Bad?

Fascinating essay on distraction. Why does it happen? Is it always bad? What, if anything, should we do about it?

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