It’s high time the fashion and beauty industries stopped treating ageing like a disease, or as a shameful act of surrender or failure. It is none of the above. It is the most natural thing in the world and we all do it. Every day.

Thanks to increased longevity, many of us can now look forward to living past 80. And yet anxiety about looking older usually kicks in around the age of 30. Result: we spend half a century feeling bad about ageing.

Which is absurd.

So it’s a relief to see the dial starting to move, ever so slightly, towards celebrating faces and bodies of all ages in the world of fashion and beauty. Especially for women, who usually pay a higher price than men do for looking older.

Check out Chapter 8 in my latest book, BOLDER: MAKING THE MOST OF OUR LONGER LIVES, for more on this long-overdue shift in thinking.