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Carl shows how to help young people thrive in an impatient, perfectionist world. His book, Under Pressure, was hailed by TIME magazine as a “gospel of the Slow Parenting movement.” He travels the world to deliver keynotes and workshops for teachers, parents and teenagers. He also sits on the Board of Trustees of Hewitt School in New York City.

Watch Carl slow down three fast families on his TV show in Australia (ABC 1):


Slow Parenting: Raising Children in a Fast World (Parents and Teachers)

Childhood has come to resemble a race to perfection. Result: children, parents and teachers are all frazzled and unfulfilled. Thankfully, change is coming. A global movement (think Slow Education, Slow Families, Slow Parenting, Slow Kids, etc) is finding ways to give children the time and space to explore the world on their own terms, take reasonable risks, play freely, get bored, be children again. In this keynote, Carl explores this powerful drive to reinvent childhood for the 21st century, touching on themes ranging from technology and extracurricular activities to education, safety and consumerism. He shows how to strike the right balance between doing too much and doing too little for children, and how slowing down can help them reach their full potential (as well as making family life a lot more fun!).


“How can we ever thank you for an informative and inspiring two days at Hewitt? I wish you could see my inbox right now (actually, you don’t want to see it, because it’s the opposite of slow). It’s full of thank you messages from parents thanking me and saying that they are going to buy your books and continue thinking and reading about slow parenting. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Tara Kinsey
Head of School, The Hewitt School
New York City, USA

“Carl is a terrifically engaging public speaker who displays the enviable qualities of commitment, passion and preparation to his endeavours. He has an amazing ability to captivate his audience; boys, parents and staff were effusive in their praise of Carl. It also helps, of course, that he is a thoroughly decent bloke.”

Jonny Timms, Deputy Head,
Caldicott School, Buckinghamshire UK

“Carl’s talk was exactly what we needed to hear. His blend of personal humor and fact-filled research on trends in parenting was helpful in reinforcing our school’s message about the need for free play and healthy rhythms for children. Parents feel pressure to create these perfect little beings. Carl’s warmth made us all relax and enjoy his timely message.”

Lauren Johnson
Director of Development Portland Waldorf School Oregon, USA

“Carl recently addressed a group of parents at Blundell’s School. He is an immensely engaging speaker and his message resonated strongly with our community. The ‘Slow’ concept is simple and accessible but the practical challenges are considerable – but Carl’s talk really did leave people feeling like the challenge wasn’t an insurmountable one and that it was well worth the effort, individually and corporately. He provoked much meaningful discussion and debate and at times evoked a strong emotional response. Carl is clearly an experienced and clever speaker and he quickly found traction with his audience through his humorous and self-effacing stories. The only question we have left is when we might be able to get him back again!”

Bart Wielenga,
Blundell’s School Devon, England

Carl spent a morning working with our teachers and support staff ahead of what promises to be another busy school year. He took the time to talk to us, finding out more about the school and then, by combination of evidence, anecdote, personal experience and humour, he engaged, stimulated, inspired and challenged the team. There was lots of sharing of ideas and a good deal of conversation after Carl had left. It was a great place from which to start the year – more schools should think about how ‘slow’ can help them feel better, be more productive and ultimately happier. I would highly recommend Carl as a speaker at inset or for parents.

Shona Colaco, Head, Knightsbridge School, London

“Our children need more opportunities to play, be physically active and participate in sport without pressure to please the significant others in their lives; this was the theme of our International Physical Literacy Conference. We contracted Carl to provide an opening and closing keynote while attending sessions from the conference. Carl’s opening keynote reminded us about the dangers of living life in the fast lane and identified the many losses we suffer from these fast choices. For his closing keynote, Carl infused his reflections and insights from the conference then capped it off with a few recipes to inject some “slow” into one’s life. It was a spectacular and passionate finish to our conference! Carl was totally engaged and engaging; he joined in many conversations across the conference and was always accessible for questions and comments. Carl’s delivery is personal and very welcoming. He tells very funny stories about his own “speedaholic” life but the stories are also filled with lessons to be learned. Our delegates were thrilled that Carl was with us for the entire conference! He was a perfect fit for our conference; his presence enhanced the outcome for all who attended!”

Vicki Harber,
International Physical Literacy Conference Canada

“Many children, and parents, are over-programmed and exhausted. Slow fixes are better able to deliver longer lasting ways of addressing some of the complex problems our children face today. Carl Honoré is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, giving parents the confidence to know that they have choices.”

Kim Warrender, Head of Learning Support,Knightsbridge School, London

“Carl is a very engaging and eloquent speaker. He mixes personal anecdotes with academic research and is clearly passionate about his subject. During his time at our school he stimulated debate and questions amongst a hall full of parents who wanted more long after the session had been scheduled to finish, thoughtfully and honestly answered questions posed by a small group of parents the following morning and completely engaged a group of Upper School students who were quite willing to miss their break to continue their discussion and debate with him.”

Laura Hetherington
South Devon Steiner School England

Schools, Colleges and Conferences where Carl has spoken:

Eton College (Windsor, UK)
Hewitt School (New York City, USA)
Kensington Preparatory (London UK)
Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (St. Louis, USA)
South Devon Steiner School (Totnes, UK)
National Education Congress (Katowice, Poland)
St. Hilda’s (London UK)
The School of Life (London UK)
Mount Royal University (Calgary, Canada)
Wellesley Mothers Forum (Wellesley, Massachusetts)
American School in London (London UK)
Caldicott Preparatory School (Buckinghamshire UK) 2015 + 2018
Orchard House School (Richmond, Virginia)
Interview at home Oakwood High School (Dayton, Ohio)
Thomas’s School (London UK)
Blundell’s School (Devon, UK)
Wesley College (Perth, Australia)
Claremont Fan Court School (Esher, UK)

Knightsbridge School (London, UK)

Wimbledon High School (London, UK)

Latin American Heads Conference (São Paulo, Brazil)

Abraham Lincoln American College Peruano, Colegio Peruano Británico, Newton College, Colegio Altair, Hiram Bingham School, St. George’s College, Markham College, San Sylvester School (Lima, Peru)

PHOTO: Audience at one of Carl’s events (São Paulo, Brazil)