THEME: Ageing – how we can do it better and feel better about doing it.

WRITTEN FOR: Anyone of any age who is pondering (or worrying about!) what it means to grow older.

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Ted Talks with Carl Honoré

Carl travels the world to deliver dynamic keynotes loaded with insight, inspiration and humour. His message is powerfully counterintuitive: the best way to thrive in a fast world is to slow down. His TED Talk has been viewed 2.7 million times. Drawing on his latest book, Carl also speaks on the surprising benefits of ageing.

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International Bestselling Author

Carl has been published in 34 languages and landed on bestseller lists in many countries. His books show why faster is not always better and how slowing down can help us lead richer, happier and more productive lives. His latest book, BOLDER, explores the many upsides of ageing (yes, there are upsides!).

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The SLow Fix, and In Praise of Slow
Wall Street Journal

“An in-demand spokesman on slowness.”

– The Wall Street Journal –
Globe and Mail

“The global guru on the Slow Movement.”

– Globe and Mail –

“The unofficial godfather of a growing cultural shift toward slowing down.”

– Huffington Post –

"The godfather of the Slow Movement."

- ABC News -

Slow Down. Achieve More. Live Better.

Carl has distilled 15 years’ worth of learning into this step-by-step course that enables you to reboot your career and life. Everything you need to thrive in a frantic world.

In the modern workplace, faster is often better. But not always. Embracing a slower tempo can spark richer thinking, creating, collaborating, innovating and problem solving. Carl teaches you how to slow down at work and at home.

This course is designed for busy people. It is accessible on a range of devices, making it possible to absorb Carl’s teachings anywhere, anytime.

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