Keynotes in the time of Covid

If you’re looking for a speaker to help you thrive in these troubled times, drop me a line ….

“Online keynotes can be tough, but Carl’s story, anecdotes and personality held our audience of business owners on the other side of the world captive for a full 90-minutes, and they wanted more. A world-class keynote presenter with a message everybody in the world with a pulse needs to hear. Book Carl for your next online event, it’s a guaranteed win.” James Veigli, Founder of Broker Profits Vault (Melbourne, Australia)

“I could listen to Carl speak all day! Very dynamic, funny, insightful and engaging. I thought he and his subject matter was the perfect way to end the conference.” Delegate at the annual conference of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (Montreal, Canada)

“Carl put on an amazing show! The whole audience was energised by his insightful and fun presentation. He was fantastic! We got amazing comments! A huge, huge thanks!” Beatrice Imbert-Forgeot, Richmond Group (Paris, France)

“Carl was captivating! He has a blend of polished eloquence and sophistication coupled with vibrant and a rare contagious energy that attendees absolutely fell in love with. Carl captured everyone’s attention from the very first second and had us smiling, laughing and nodding in agreement throughout. His appeal is universal and he was the audience favourite!” Sam Makhoul, Founder of Higher Branch Success Academy (Sydney, Australia)

“Getting city lawyers to slow down is impossible surely? Carl was faced with this task at our latest Life With Law event, and succeeded in every way. Carl captured the whole room’s attention with his thoughts on The Slow Movement. His talk resonated with everyone in slightly different ways, but we all left wanting to find our inner tortoise.” Amy Greenham, Lawyers on Demand (London, UK)

“How can we ever thank you for an informative and inspiring two days at Hewitt? I wish you could see my inbox right now (actually, you don’t want to see it, because it’s the opposite of slow). It’s full of thank you messages from parents thanking me and saying that they are going to buy your books and continue thinking and reading about slow parenting. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Tara Kinsey, Head of School, The Hewitt School (New York City, USA)

“Carl’s presentation was a hit, delivering a fresh perspective to our latest conference that tackled speed in business. Carl’s insights and passion managed to inspire so many C-level executives that going slower at times pays more and as a result it helps us improve and possibly find ways of doing things smarter and faster. I highly recommend Carl as he is a very good public speaker and able to adapt his ‘Slow Movement’ to so many different contexts.” Morgan Parnis, CEO Business Leaders Malta (Valletta, Malta)

“I was super excited when I was listening to Carl speaking in front of our audience — imagine a hall with 400 people and they are all laughing, nodding their heads, smiling – when you can really see that they are enjoying themselves and listening to the speaker on stage. That is what we had with Carl and I can assure you that he will take your advice into consideration and make the best event possible. Really recommend him as a speaker!” Nika Močnik, CEO Eventnika (Ljubjlana, Slovenia)