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This is where you can listen to Carl talk about his work on both Slow and ageing.

Here’s my take on smartphones – the good, the bad and the ugly. From an interview on a Canadian radio station.

LID Radio (London)

LID Radio focuses on current trends and features conversations with some of the brightest minds, top experts and influencers in the area of business, entrepreneurship, smart thinking and personal development. We started by talking about my work on Slow and then segued into Bolder: Making the Most of Our Longer Lives.

The Slow Coach on BBC Radio 4 – Two Parts

Liz Barclay follows three busy people on a bold experiment to slow down their pace of life. Their ‘slow coach’ is Carl Honoré. He argues that our increasing obsession with speed means we race through life instead of actually living it – by finding a better balance between fast and slow, we’ll increase our wellbeing, creativity and productivity. It’s a compelling theory, but does it work?

Three volunteers have agreed to put Carl’s theories to the test by following his advice over the course of one month – business owner Steve, working mum Lizzie and volunteer Scott.The Slow Coach on BBC Radio 4

Part 1


Part 2


The Mojo Radio Show (Australia)

A favourite interview on Slow:


Slow Sunday Profile

Richard Aedy is a fine interviewer. Here he puts me through my paces on his Sunday Profile show on ABC radio in Australia. Recorded in Sydney.


The Slow Fix Planetary Voices

 An interview I gave on The Slow Fix to the Planetary Voices website.


BBC Radio 4 “Inheritance Tracks”

 In this BBC Radio 4 programme, guests discuss one song they have inherited and another they wish to bequeath. Listen here to find out my choices.


The Sunday Edition

One of the highlights of my book tour for The Slow Fix was a one-hour interview I did with the CBC’s Michael Enright in front of a live audience in Toronto. You can watch the video here. Or you can listen to the boiled-down version which was broadcast on CBC Radio’s flagship program, Sunday Morning. It lasts a mere 30 minutes.

In Praise of Slow – Opening Chapter

In Praise of Slow was a BBC Radio 4 “Book of the Week.” That means an abridged version was read on the airwaves over five days. This is the first instalment, which condenses the opening chapter of the book into 15 minutes.

Eloge de la Lenteur – extrait du livre-cassette

Ma maison d’édition française a sorti un livre-cassette d’ Eloge de la lenteur dont voici un court extrait provenant de la première page.

Learning to Wait

A BBC Radio 4 programme presented by Tom Robinson.

Hitting the Buffers

A BBC Radio 4 programme investigating the pitfalls of our addiction to speed.

Life in Slo Mo – Part 1

Two-part US documentary on slowing down. John de Graaf, the National Coordinator of Take Back Your Time, appears first.

Life in Slo Mo – Part 2

Second part of a US documentary featuring John de Graaf, the National Coordinator of Take Back Your Time, and me. As well as others.



Snippets from Carl’s keynotes end up in surprising and wonderful places. Here he is sampled by a French DJ. The track is called Crack Mix 274. The DJ is Simo Cell.