“Forget frantic acceleration. Mastering the clock of business is about choosing when to be fast and when to be slow.”

– The Economist

“The constant pressure to do everything faster means we race through life instead of actually living it. When you use the SLOW gear, everything falls into place. You connect more, create more, focus more and achieve more. You become more.”

– Carl Honoré

What is the SLOW Movement?

It is a cultural revolution. A reaction against the diktat that faster is always better.

SLOW does not mean doing everything at a snail’s pace. That would be absurd. It means doing everything at the right speed.

Ever since publishing In Praise of Slow in 2004, Carl has been the voice of the Slow Movement. He travels the world to deliver powerful keynotes on the power, joy and wisdom of slowing down to audiences ranging from business executives, entrepreneurs and IT professionals to teachers, academics and medical practitioners.

Carl is regularly interviewed by leading media outlets. In a BBC Radio 4 series called The Slow Coach, he helped frazzled, over-scheduled Britons slow down. He also presented a TV show called Frantic Family Rescue on Australia’s ABC 1.

PHOTO: Audience at one of Carl’s events (São Paulo, Brazil)