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PODCAST: To Buddhify, or not to Buddhify

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Carl speaks to Rohan Gunatillake, a modern maven of mindfulness. His company created buddhify, the bestselling meditation app, and Wired magazine put him on its Smart List of 50 People Who Will Change the World. Rohan talks about his new book, This Is Happening, a manifesto for mindfulness in a busy, digital world.


(Recorded in London on March 23, 2016)


Topics covered include:

1. How to build mindfulness into a busy schedule

2. Are people becoming too dependent on apps to meditate?

2. Can you be mindful without being spiritual?

3. Does mindfulness have to be a solo experience or can it also be a communal?

4. What would it mean to design wellbeing into technology?

5. Advert Jujitsu, the Mouse Sweep and other mindfulness techniques for modern life.

6. How to use a smartphone mindfully.

7. Can you experience pain without suffering?


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