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Unleashing your Inner Tortoise – at work!

Fast Company urges us to slow down at work. Why? To become more creative and productive, less error-prone + better at communicating.

In Praise of Slow Meetings

Why putting on the brakes makes for more productive and creative meetings in the workplace.

Go Slow at work?

“Forget frantic acceleration. Mastering the clock of business is about choosing when to be fast + when to be slow” – The Economist (discovers the joys of GOOD SLOW)

Less is more. Even at work.

Eye-opening piece from Sweden on the virtues (and challenges) of cutting working hours.

Take a break

How to ask for breaks at work without losing face (or your job).

And the tortoise wins!

Why slow and steady wins the race – even in the business world.

Slow and the start-up

Can a tech start-up triumph on a 4-day week? You betcha. Work less, work smarter.

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