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Smart phones, silly people

A UK park is now urging visitors to leave their smartphones in “tech creches” in order to enjoy Nature undistracted by screens.

Clocking Nature?

Intriguing idea. Can clocks that track the passage of the sun and the moon make us feel more relaxed about time itself?

School’s out…side

in Children

When I speak in public about Under Pressure, I often ask the audience what they remember most vividly about their childhood. The answers…

Slow camping

in Travel

There is nothing slower than camping. We have just returned from three nights at theResurgence Summer Campwhich was held near Malvern, Worcestershire in…

Slow space

in Miscellaneous

I’m in Toronto for a three-day conference called IdeaCity. It’s an amazing collision of ideas and dreams. One of the comments that has…

Travel slow

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Hardly a week goes by these days without a journalist from somewhere in the world emailing me to talk about the rise of…