Frantic Family Rescue: Behind the Scenes (ABC TV)

Take a peek behind the scenes of Carl’s new TV show on ABC 1 in Australia.

Here is the synopsis:

Across the globe, where money and opportunity collide, childhood is now a race to perfection. With children expected to pile up academic, artistic and athletic achievements, parenting has come to resemble a cross between a competitive sport and product development.

CarlPosterResult: many modern families are stretched to breaking point.

Enter Carl Honoré, the world’s leading advocate of the Slow Movement. His mission: to slow down the pace of family life to make children (and parents) happier, healthier and more successful.

In ABC TV’s Frantic Family Rescue, Carl has four weeks to reboot three high-octane Australian families. It’s a crash course where parents and kids go cold turkey – stepping off the treadmill of rushing, busyness, screen-addiction and constant striving. For a whole month, they are forced to unplug their gadgets, tear up their schedules and do things for the sheer joy of them rather than because they might look good on a CV.

Do the three families heed Carl’s advice and reap the benefits? Or is there no turning back from our frantic lifestyles?

Tune in to find out….



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