In-depth interview on the slow fix

A thorough and wide-ranging interview on The Slow Fix on a radio show called The Public.

The Public is a weekly radio program exploring arts & contemporary society through in-depth conversations with today’s most compelling thinkers, writers and artists. Hosted by Kevin Caners and produced for CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto.

Slow Fix on 46th Floor

An unusual video of me in a room on the 46th floor of a hotel in downtown Toronto.

Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of video.

Instead, I’m talking about the financial crisis and THE SLOW FIX. I’m also wandering round the room, sitting on the bed, washing my face in the basin and opening the curtains with a portentous flourish.

All in moody slow motion.

It’s a bit Bill Murray in Lost in Translation...

Blast from the past

The first leg of my North American book tour for Under Pressure is over. My last interview here in San Francisco had a nice symmetry to it.Back in 1990, when I was in the final year of my undergraduate degree at Edinburgh University in Scotland, ABC’s Good Morning America came to town to do a few shows. I got taken on as a runner and ended up working with one of the presenters, Spencer Christian. We got along well and I’ve always remembered him fondly. So what a happy surprise to find Spencer waiting to interview me onView From the Bay.We even had a laugh about it on air. Sometimes TV can be a lot of fun…