Slow video games?

Maybe it was only a matter of time. The other day an avid gamer posted a plea on the OCModShop website calling for a little less speed in the video gaming world. He doesn’t want to play games where everything stops so that each player can take turns; he likes the speed and adrenalin-rush of dealing with knights and soldiers and monsters popping up out of nowhere. But he also thinks programmers should give gamers the power to slow the action down from time to time so that they can make better decisions and make full use of their characters’ strengths. Here’s what he says: “First of all, there should be some middle ground between the stodgy turn taking, hex-based strategy games and the twitch-action strategy games that permeate the market today….I mean, let’s be honest here; wouldn’t it be more fun to actually have time to position your various units so that each can use their unique strengths in the most effective way?” Sounds like of gaming-friendly summary of the Slow creed. The title of his entry was In Praise of Slowness.