Slow It Down

Another song for the ever-expanding Slow catalogue….

All you need is love (not tech) TV ad

Another TV ad from a technology company warning us that technology isn’t always the best way to get close to someone. This one is from Thailand.

What is SLOW?

A short animation that reminds us that SLOW is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace. It’s about balance, or doing everything at the right speed. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, often a blend of the two….

Pace of life: UK versus Denmark

A short BBC piece examining the pace of modern life and drawing comparisons between Britain and Denmark. I pop up as a couple of times (once while skating on an ice rink).

Norway pioneers Slow TV

What is Slow TV? And can it withstand the weight of its own contradictions? This piece tries to answer those questions by looking at a Norwegian experiment…

Taking Time and Art

Irish artist Paul Hughes talks about how taking the time to observe, listen and let things happen is at the core of the creative act.