Slow Fix on 46th Floor

An unusual video of me in a room on the 46th floor of a hotel in downtown Toronto.

Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of video.

Instead, I’m talking about the financial crisis and THE SLOW FIX. I’m also wandering round the room, sitting on the bed, washing my face in the basin and opening the curtains with a portentous flourish.

All in moody slow motion.

It’s a bit Bill Murray in Lost in Translation...

In Praise of Slow précis

In this brief clip from a Croatian documentary, I explain the basic premise of In Praise of Slow.

Slow y las marcas

En este clip hablo del impacto que el movimiento Slow está teniendo en el mundo del marketing y de las marcas.

Test-driving Slow philosophy

Interesting report on the Slow revolution by the CBC. They asked a high-flying London lawyer to experiment with putting on the brakes in his life.

This is what happened next…

Slow and crafts

This is my reaction to a UK exhibition called Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution.

Slow, stress and life

Planning to do some talks and workshops with the DeStress Show in the UK. We filmed this as a primer.

Campaign for SLOW driving

In 2011, the government of Western Australia launched an ingenious new anti-speeding campaign that went on to win awards.

Forget the tired old shock tactics of yesteryear. Instead of trying to browbeat or terrify people into driving more slowly by bombarding them with gory images of mangled corpses, bashed up cars and severed limbs, the Enjoy the Ride campaign put the stress on all the benefits that flow from following the speed limit.

Fewer accidents, to be sure, but also: Less money spent on fuel. Fewer toxic emissions into the environment. A calmness that allows you to take in the scenery, listen to music or talk radio, chat to your passengers or just let your mind wander (not too much, obviously.) Your car becomes a Zen refuge rather than a torpedo of road rage.

In other words, Enjoy the Ride embeds the old discussion about speeding in a broader conversation about why slowing down can pay handsome benefits in every walk of life.

Very Slow.

I helped to front the campaign, and this is an interview I gave at the time.