It’s The Journey


LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French, German, Catalan.

Publication dates:

UK: September 1, 2022

Australia: September 7, 2022

USA and Canada: To be confirmed (soon!)

Español: Septiembre 2022

Català: Setembre 2022

Français: Octobre 2022

Deutsch: Oktober 2022


Travelling slowly lets you experience the world in all its richness and wonder.

When you slow down and take your time, you notice the details that make each place unique. You meet people and learn about their history and culture. You discover new sounds, aromas and flavours.

Travelling slowly turns any journey into a balm for the soul and a banquet for the senses.

This book is a hymn to moving through the world at a gentle pace. It features four slower modes of transport: bicycle, train, boat and your own two feet.

Every night you can take a new adventure. Walk the famous Inca Trail in Peru. Sail back in time on the River Nile. Cycle up (and down) the steep Alpe d’Huez. Ride the railway to the top of Mount Washington.

Where will you and your child travel tonight?