Cultivate a sourdough starter and bake bread 

Make your own jewellery 

Tinker with a car, motorcycle or bike

Take up embroidery or knitting

Fix something around the house

Start a small garden

Learn how to ferment and pickle food

Build something with LEGO

Create a scrapbook

Do some metalwork

Try origami or calligraphy

Grab a knife and a stick and start whittling

Paint or sketch

Build a complex object with Lego

Take up quilting 

Make furniture 

Crochet or sew

Assemble big, complicated puzzles

Build a model boat

Press flowers

Practice topiary

Try sculpture or pottery

Do paper craft

Make yourself a garment

Weave baskets

Bind books 

Experiment with new recipes in the kitchen

Make macramé plant holders

Assemble a model train set