Siesta time

The first rule of Nap Club is: don’t be ashamed of napping. It’s good for you. 

Inbox Withdrawal

Even the FT’s Lucy Kellaway, who coined the unlovely term “worliday,” now sees the wisdom of ignoring email on vacation.

The machismo of speed

Can women afford to slow down in the fast-paced business world? Can they afford not to? 

Solving problems slowly

Maryam Mirzakhani, the 1st woman to win the world’s top mathematics prize, describes herself as a “slow” thinker. Like Darwin, Einstein, etc.

Smart phones, silly people

A UK park is now urging visitors to leave their smartphones in “tech creches” in order to enjoy Nature undistracted by screens.

Stanford Duck Syndrome

Should high-achieving students at elite universities slow down a little? 

Let Them Eat Dirt

Why kids need to ditch the iPad, go outside and channel Huckleberry Finn now school is out and summer is upon us: 

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