Carl helps audiences across the globe see the world in a new light. His talks are dynamic, challenging, eloquent, informative and full of humour. He is at ease running workshops for small groups or working the stage in front of thousands of people. His audiences range from entrepreneurs, IT professionals and business executives to teachers, academics and medical practitioners. He also delivers talks and seminars on parenting.

The Wall Street Journal hailed Carl as “an in-demand spokesman on slowness.” His speech at the prestigious TED conference has been viewed over a million times.

Carl’s first language is English, but he can also present in Spanish, French and Portuguese. And Italian (at a stretch…).

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FEEDBACK from delegates at the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers’ Professional Development Conference in September 2013:

“I could listen to Carl speak all day! Very dynamic, funny, insightful and engaging.  I thought he and his subject matter was the perfect way to end the conference.”

“Highly entertaining – great choice to close the conference.’

“Really good food for thought.  This is a presentation that many CEOs need to hear.”

“Very engaging speaker in a difficult time slot. Loved the information and the delivery. I will buy his book he was that good.”

“Carl Honoré helped end CSSE 2013 with a bang!!!  what a great presentation!!!!”

198 copy“For me, this speaker was worth the PDC fee!  We could easily relate to his topic and hopefully all take home and put into action his points – for our families and for our workplaces. He was polished, flexible and adaptable.  Thoroughly enjoyed him and could have listened longer !!!  I would listen again if we repeated him in the future.”

Gallery 15 07-540x359“Very dynamic speaker and an intriguing topic which was relevant on so many levels.”







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