Here are my LIVE events that are open to the general public:


August 25: Instragam LIVE en español (18h30 de Londres)

September 13: Instragam LIVE en español (18h30 de Londres)

November 10: Interview on Mindalia TV (21h UK time)

November 23: Inaugural event at Time Use Week 2020.

November 26: Speaking in the inaugural D&I Squad Talk Show on Ageism in the Workplace

December 6: Speaking at A Night of Botanical Foodie Wonders & Slow Living with the Ethical Hedonist Magazine

December 14 to 18: CUMBRE VIRTUAL: Reinvéntate y Emprende Sin Excusas


April 28 – May 2: Various events at the Metropolis bleu Festival in Montréal, Canada